uCurrent enclosure


I’m working on some low power electronics at the moment, for which I wanted to accurately measure currents in the 500nA to 2uA range.

I had been looking at Dave Jones’s μCurrent for a while, but when I needed one I couldn’t find any in stock.  So, utilizing the joys of OSHW, I downloaded and fabbed one, based on the rev 5 files.  My gerbers didn’t want to line up completely, so I ended up touching up the original files.  The fonts on the silkscreen layer didn’t make it though, so I have a slightly non-standard look.

I then fired up FreeCad, and used the PCB dimensions to design a quick enclosure for the board. Rounded corners, a shelf and screw holes for mounting the PCB, and ribs for a bit more stiffness.  By cutting down the excess length of the binding posts, I could keep the entire assembly pleasingly thin.


I printed in SLS nylon, but a Makerbot with PLA should do a fine job too. 4 M3 screws are used to keep everything together.


Design files can be found on bitbucket.

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