v0.2 bringup

electronics, usbpwr

I’ve started soldering the v0.2 board, testing and porting the v0.1 software as I go along.  The LED, button, and ADC channels all moved, which required adjustment of a couple of header files.  Two minor wire mods were required, but so far everything tested is working.  There is a tiny bit of coupling between the PWM signal and the ADC feedback signal, but I suspect a well placed capacitor will clean the line up.

From here, I have to do the following:

  1. Populate the auxiliary transformer and generate a sane voltage rail for the opamps on the secondary side.
  2. Populate the feedback circuitry.
  3. Adjust the ADC driver to use the new configuration.
  4. Calibrate.

And then I can test my primary side current monitoring.

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